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Becoming A Tenant

Renting on the Estate and How it Works

The process of taking a space or unit at St Michael’s hasn’t changed much for 20 years – except that we do now expect all tenants to sign up to a lease which covers a stipulated period.

We believe that small businesses require a flexible approach and don’t wish to be locked into a lease for 10 or 20 or even 5 years. Our leases offer a month’s notice on either side, an arrangement that can be a life line for a small business trying to survive in a difficult economic environment.

It is difficult to quote specific prices since we have a wide variety of units both in terms of location and type and size. We still use square feet as the standard Bridport measurement and so our charges are calculated in this way varying from £5 per square foot up to £8.

A proportional deposit is calculated and figures are added for a proportion of the buildings insurance and for water charges (where relevant).

Its always worth popping in to the office or give us a call and we are always happy to discuss specific business needs and what might be available or perhaps coming available over the next few months.

Available Units

Although occupation levels at St Michael’s continue to remain high – running at 90 – 95 % usually – units and spaces do become available from time to time.

The best contact in the first instance is Andrew Wilson, who can be called at the Estate Office on 01308 423747.