Farewell to Gentleman Clive

Clive HaywardClive Hayward, who along with his brother and their father Norman senior, was responsible for creating the trading estate from the remains of a disused netmaking and rope making factory in 1968 sadly passed away in 2019.

The family almost single-handedly took down old buildings and built new replacements and have maintained the buildings now for more than 50 years. St Michael’s now has a unique reputation and character and Clive made an outstanding contribution through his commitment which continued right up to a few days prior to his passing. As Norman Hayward commented to the local press and at Clive’s service: “His dedication to the estate and its tenants over 30 years was the main reason it has somehow survived through many ups and downs, in particular the diverse mix of traders that has taken its reputation way beyond West Dorset.’

Some 40 tenants travelled from Bridport to pay their respects at the service in Poole on the 29th January. A flag continues to fly at half mast over the Tower Building on the estate.

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