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Plans For The Future

Like anywhere else, St Michael’s Estate cannot stand still. To survive we must change; we must move the estate onto the next stage of its history. But in doing so we must build on the legacy of the past; we must develop the estate in a way that not only contributes to the economy of West Dorset, but also boosts St Michael’s and Bridport’s South West Quadrant – architecturally and environmentally as well as commercially and from a community viewpoint.

After 15 years of effort, we have now received the go ahead from West Dorset District Council on all 3 modified applications submitted in July 2017: the amended outline application, the detailed application for the Lilliput Building and for Listed Building Consent.

We have also been very encouraged by the response of our tenants since the granting of outline. A large group of them have written to the local press in Bridport who reported that: ‘Traders seek positive future for St Michael’s.’ The letter stated that they would wish to ‘work with Hayward & Co to forge forward with the development in a positive way.’ In describing St Michael’s as a thriving and inspirational place, they have also encouraged organisations like the Town Council to ‘join in a constructive discussion about the proposed vision for the area.’ Since outline approval was received in July 2017, positive meetings have been held with our tenants and Hayward & Co has made a commitment to tenants that regular “communication” meetings will be convened every 3-4 months.

In terms of the scheme generally, outline permission really only gets us to first base. Much work and further detailed planning will be required over the next 12 – 18 months.