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The Artist’s Studios

By definition artists are creative and colourful characters each seeking an identity and a style and an end result that is not just different but is a reflection of their outlook on life, can perhaps be described as unique and will make a contribution to the almost indefinable world of art. St Michael’s has its own, distinctive artist’s quarter, including an area in our Tower Building that has become known as St Michael’s Studios. We think in this area alone there are more than a dozen artists and that in other small corners of the estate there are another 10 or so. One of the more unfortunate words used to describe art and artists is ephemeral (defined as fleeting, passing, short lived); happily that doesn’t apply to many of the artists at St Michael’s who have been developing their work here for many years.

Even the word art is not enough to describe the variety of activities at St Michael’s:

Complex ceramics, hat making, textiles, silk screen printing, letterpress printing, verre eglomise (glass gilding), banner sign making, wax sculptor, photography – all make their own statements and are creating their own form of art. Not all the studios are open all year; some tend to ‘hibernate’ between November and February but come the spring, the artists are planning for open days, mini exhibitions, Easter events, and festivals such as the Spirit of Bridport and the Bridport Hat Festival. See Who’s Who at St Michael’s for main studio locations.

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