The uniqueness of St Michael’s 2023-07-14T15:51:07+00:00

Uniqueness ? Diversity ? Nowhere Quite Like It ?

Its dangerous these days to claim something or somewhere is unique since someone will know better. So when we say there’s nowhere quite like St Michael’s Trading Estate here in our South West corner of Bridport, it’s because we do think there really is nowhere else quite like it!

Glimpses of St Michael’s Trading Estate, Bridport

Maybe it’s because of the history . . .

Stretching back more than 200 years and its role as a key part of the pioneering West Dorset net making and rope making industry, providing equipment for Nelson’s fleet as well as family owned early fishing vessels along the South West coast.

Maybe it’s because of the arrival of the Hayward family . . .

Who became owners in 1968 and have nurtured and managed the estate through many difficult and traumatic times. Without the Haywards, its fair to say the estate would not exist as when the Haywards first arrived planning permission already existed to turn St Michael’s into a housing estate. There’s more about the role of the Hayward Family on the Hayward Legacy page.

Maybe it’s because of the diverse mix of businesses . . .

That have helped the estate survive and grow – retail furniture, top spec bath and shower showrooms, the leading local school meals provider, textiles, car number plates, upholstery, stonemasonry, carpentry and joinery, tailor made garden furniture, glass and ceramic tiles, base for a local bus operator and even a wax work sculptor and a recording studio. Not forgetting the many antiques, collectibles, retro and vintage shops that add an additional unique flavour to St Michael’s.